Friday, 27 January 2017

Guangzhou Travel Diary Part 2

So we decided to have breakfast at the hotel the next day before exploring.  It was a buffet where they had both western and local cuisines.  The food was really good, so I just had to go back for seconds.  Technically, we both did.

First on our list was the Shamian Island and it was oh-so-pretty and it was a lovely day, so we were very grateful for the weather.  There were a lot of locals who were exercising, entertaining other people by singing classic tunes and then there were tourists like ourselves who wanted nothing more than to take pictures and see how people there live such simple lives, but seem to be really happy (something I should take note of: living a simple life.  I should try doing that.)

The next tourist attraction we went to was the Sacred Heart Cathedral which was one or two stops away from Shamian Island.  And I really wanted to go there because I usually visit churches when I go somewhere new which was something I got from my family and I'm trying to pass on to Carlos.  Also, it's a really nice cathedral and we were able to admire the architecture from the outside.  It was built in the 1800s and is still standing!  And although we weren't able to go for mass there, we thought that the inside was stunning and we could've stayed there for at least half an hour more, but we were in a rush to grab our stuff and check out of the hotel.

On another note, gong xi fa cai to everyone!  A Happy and prosperous year of the Rooster! :)

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