Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Weekend Project

Twenty seventeen's been off to a great start.  I've been doing a lot of planning recently on what I want to achieve, do and see this year.  While some of them may still be tentative, I'm booked for the next couple of weekends and I'm excited!  I was never really much of a planner and yet here I am doing what I can before I actually think of settling down.  Ah yes, talk about irony.

I've decided to make the next couple of weekends a project to see whether I'll be able to succeed in terms of maximising time given that I'll only have a limited amount.  Here's to trying to be productive in the first couple of weeks of the year!

I was in Guangzhou last weekend with Carlos (aka my partner in crime) so that was a great way to start - travelling wise.  I'll be posting photos in my next post so stay tuned!  Meanwhile, it's the middle of the week so have a wonderful rest of the week and cheers to almost the weekend being here!

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